Q. What equipment do I need to play the WanderList game?
You need a mobile device that provides you with a standard web browser and GeoLocation data capabilities. Modern smartphones such as an iPhone or Andriod-driven phone should be fine. Tablets such as iPads or Samsung Galaxy Tabs can also work providing they have 3G/4G/5G capabilities.
Q. What is the difference between the WanderList types?
Walker - these WanderLists have simple puzzles, are a great introduction to the game and usually operate within the limits of the chosen town/city.

Hiker - these WanderLists contain more involved puzzles but still usually operate within the limits of the chosen town/city.

Wanderer - these WanderLists have more thought provoking puzzles and may also involve the surrounding areas of the chosen town/city. When playing for these types of WanderLists it is advisable to utilise a bike, car and/or bus pass as they can involve several miles of travel.

Special - these WanderLists will show up from time to time via our social media platforms as a special WanderChallenge. They may be offered to limited numbers, eg 100 players, and may offer special prizes to the winner.
Q. When solving a particular puzzle do I have to go into a building for the I'm Here to work?
No, if you are in or around the required location then the game will pick you up. In fact, it's probably better for your mobile device's network reception if you are stood on the outside of the building.
Q. Is there a time limit to bagging a WanderList?
No, not at all. You can take all day, week, month or year to solve the puzzles relating to a particular WanderList. In fact you can keep coming back and picking up where you left off until you do.

A time limit is only applicable if you've taken up one of our special WanderChallenges or created one of your own with family or friends.
Q. Is there a quicker way to go back through to the Towns, Counties or Countries lists when looking through available WanderLists?
Yes, just click on the selected county name, which is above or below the map, to go back to the Counties selector or click on the selected country name to go back to the Countries selector.
Q. Can I create mini-leagues to compete with my family and friends?
You can create a WanderGroup and share a special code with your family and friends so that they can be a part of your group. By being part of this WanderGroup you can all see how you are doing via the WanderLeagues section.
Q. What is a WanderChallenge?
You can create your own WanderChallenge with your family and friends, so that on a given day/time you all compete to see who can complete a particular WanderList first and achieve ultimate bragging rights.
Q. How can I support the WanderList movement?
By buying our merchandise or by getting in touch to sponsor us you can help keep us going :0)
Q. I donated to your chosen charity for my special WanderList code, but the system says the maximum number of players has been reached?
If you have donated to our chosen charity but the maximum number of players has been reached then you will be automatically sent a code for the next special WanderChallenge in your area before it is showcased on our social media platforms. We cannot give refunds for any charitable donations made as we have no access or control over these systems.
Q. What is the difference between Number and Points in the WanderLeagues?
Number is the number of WanderLists that you have bagged.

When it comes to Points, each type of WanderList is worth the following:

Walker = 1 point

Hiker = 3 points

Wanderer = 5 points

Special = 10 points
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