Create an account
Simply click on one of the 'Play Now' buttons and then click the 'Create a WanderList account' link to create your WanderList account.
Pick a location
Once you have created your WanderList account and logged in you can use the maps to pick a location of where you want to play the game.
Pick a WanderList
Each location will have a number of WanderLists, which will vary in difficulty. The harder the challenge the more WanderList points you will achieve.
Solve the puzzles
Once you have picked a WanderList you will be given a number of puzzles which you must solve in order to bag this WanderList. To solve each puzzle you must go to the location it refers to and click the 'I'm here' button.
As you start to complete these WanderList challenges you can look at the various WanderLeagues to see how you are doing against everybody else.
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